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Our server solutions include a comprehensive lineup, ranging from small stand alone workgroup servers (suitable for a lab), to large rack mounted multi-processor enterprise servers (suited for large centers & institutions). Each solution is tailored to the specific needs of the researcher. Solutions are available for Microsoft, Linux, Unix, Sun, and Apple.

  • Data & image analysis / processing servers
  • Database servers (MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc)
  • Communications & Collaboration servers (SMTP, Exchange, Blackberry, Groupware, etc)
  • WWW web servers & web application servers
  • File and print sharing servers
  • Custom application servers
  • Remote access servers
  • Backup and Archival servers (40GB to 2PB)
Research Solutions
  • servers
  • workstations
  • storage
  • networking
  • custom applications
  • hardware
  • service
  • support
  • consulting
  • automation
  • inventory management
  • integration of lab equipment with network
  • laptops & desktops
  • data & image analysis

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